February 15th, 2012

It just goes to show that advertising does work! Despite the very cold weather of late, I was watching a programme on TV recently which was sponsored by Magnum Mini and by the third ad break I found myself wanting an ice-cream!

Due to the fact that it is still winter and there was snow on the ground! It was no surprise that we had no ice creams in the freezer, however they were swiftly added to the shopping order for the following week.

Being so cold you might think that advertising for something hot and warming might be more successful, which leads me nicely to this link and an unlikely coincidence! We currently have a high quality cappuccino coffee machine in our range called the Mini Magnum! This great compact system offers coffee, cappuccino, espresso, latte and even whipped hot chocolate in just a few seconds at the push of a button.

I am sue I will enjoy the ice-cream more in the summer but in the meantime, it is not mystery why the coffee is so good from the Mini Magnum Coffee Machine and making a cappuccino is no drama!

Written By: Richard from KSV