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Flavia ® Creation 600

The Flavia Creation 600 by Lavazza Professional, is quite simply the best all-round machine on the market today. Bean to cup quality coffees with the option of fresh milk for cappuccino and lattes. With 5 Lavazza branded Bean to pack to cup coffees including decaf, plus fine leaf teas, Cadbury hot chocolate, herbal fruit infusions and more…

No mess, no fuss, just delicious drinks brewed to perfection in seconds with consistent quality, from Bean to pack to cup.
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Key Features – In Stock For Next Day Delivery

  • 20+ Drinks Options
  • Bean to cup quality Coffee, Real Leaf Tea & More…
  • FLAVIA ® Milk Frothing Technology
  • Suitable from 5-50 Staff
  • Plumbed or Hand fill Water Tank
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Industry Leading Reliability
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Interface
  • Table Top Compact Design
  • Eco Power Save Mode

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with over 20+ drinks options, there is something for everyone!

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As a Lavazza Professional Platinum Partner and Main Distributor for the Flavia range of single serve brewers and drinks, KSV are proud to offer the Flavia Creation 600.

This latest Top of the range model is a real game changer and is launched in combination with a re-imagined drinks menu. Bringing coffee shop quality to your workplace with an even greater choice of freshly brewed Lavazza coffees, real leaf teas, hot chocolate and more.

Why not have it your way?

The latest FLAVIA® Frothing Technology can froth any milk directly in the cup, offering unlimited choice of fresh milk varieties or dairy free alternatives – perfectly tailoring your hot drinks to individual preferences.

The Flavia Creation 600 offers ultra-reliability, hygienic, high quality drinks, consistently time after time. Finally, there is an alternative to overpriced, over complicated, and unreliable Bean to Cup machines! Choose the Flavia system and get Bean to Cup quality coffee, without the Grind…

With the latest Flavia Milk Frothing Technology, you can froth the milk of your choice directly in the cup. This allows you to make coffee shop quality cappuccinos and lattes with your preferred choice of milk. Whether that be full fat or semi- skimmed cow’s milk, oat, soya, or almond milk, but it also means there is no risk of cross contamination and significantly reduces the amount of cleaning required with other types of milk systems. Using fresh chilled milk to make cappuccinos and lattes will reduce the temperature of these drinks. We always recommend pre-warming the cups and milk to improve on the served temperature of drinks. Cup size is also important, and our Flavia 9oz paper cups are ideal. If using china cups, they should be no larger than 9oz and suitable to ensure the correct amount of milk is used. We recommend 30-40ml for cappuccino and lattes.

If you are looking for a system with the highest quality drinks, the widest choice, reliability, and consistency, which is easy to use, cost effective and only needs minimal cleaning, then the Flavia C600 is just what you have been waiting for. The Best of all systems rolled into one!


435mm x 308mm x 511mm (HxWxD)



Electric Supply

AC 120V, 60 Hz, 1550W

Water Supply

Between a maximum of 0.68 Mpa (100 psi/6.8 bar) and a minimum of 0.1 Mpa (15 psi/1 bar).

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