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With over 20 inspiring drinks to choose from there is something for everyone! From Bean to cup quality Lavazza coffees and Leaf Teas including Decaf, Herbal and Fruit Infusions to Cadbury Hot Chocolate, Espresso, Latte and an authentic layered Cappuccino to rival high street coffee shops.

KSV also offer a wide selection of Ancillary Items including branded Flavia paper or plastic cups, milk and creamer pots, sugar sticks and stirrers, in-fact just about everything else you may need to use with the Flavia range of hot drinks machines. See our shop for further details.

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Roasted & Ground Coffee

Medium Roast

Lavazza Qualita Rossa

The pleasure of good coffee that Italian families keep close by on their coffee breaks. With an unmistakable aroma to happily recharge your batteries and share magic moments.
Intensity: 5/10 Full bodied flavour

Light Roast

Lavazza Qualita Oro

A unique combination of 6 varieties of Arabica beans from the finest of Central and South America, expertly crafted and perfectly blended.
Intensity: 5/10 Smooth and aromatic

Dark Roast

Lavazza Crema E Gusto

A round and enveloping blend composed mainly of high-quality Arabica from Brazil and Robusta from South East Asia. A perfect harmony between body and spiced notes.
Intensity: 7/10 Harmonious

Dark Roast

Lavazza Espresso Italiano

A selection of blends, from mild to bold, to enjoy your coffee as Italians do. Espresso Italiano delivers notes of fruits and a persistent aftertaste.
Intensity: 5/10 Full flavoured and full bodied

Medium Roast

Lavazza Caffe Decaffeinato

An aromatic, well-balanced blend from Central America. This blend is ideal if you want to avoid caffeine without giving up the luxury of authentic Italian coffee.
Intensity: 3/10 Sweet and balanced

Real Leaf Tea

Black Tea

English Breakfast

Robust and full-bodied with notes of caramelised sugar and malt

Black Tea

Irish Breakfast Strong

Stronger, more robust and full-flavoured with the same great flavour as the standard English Breakfast.

Black Tea

Earl Grey

Medium-bodied with fresh bergamot aroma and flavour.

Black Tea

English Breakfast Decaf

A bright appearance and good body, this is a good alternative if you donโ€™t want the caffeine.

Herbal Teas

Lemon Herbal

Light lemon citrus notes with a touch of floral and honey flavours.

Herbal Teas

Peppermint Herbal

Medium-bodied with full, rich peppermint flavour.

Green Teas

Select Green

Smooth and creamy with a nutty aroma and taste; balanced bite and sweetness.

Black Tea

Twinings English Breakfast

Twinings English Breakfast Tea is a golden and well rounded black tea.

Indulgent Specialities

Single Pack Indulgence

Lavazza Cappuccino

A strong mix of Prontissimo Espresso soluble coffee, microground coffee beans and skimmed milk powder perfectly blended to create a delightful, frothy Cappuccino.
Origin: Brazil | Roasting: Medium
Aroma: Roasted, Milky notes

Single Pack Indulgence

Lavazza Latte

Enjoy a luxurious, sweet latte made with Prontissimo Espresso soluble coffee, microground coffee and skimmed milk powder for a lighter, smoother latte experience.
Origin: Brazil | Roasting: Light
Aroma: Sweet, Caramel notes

Single Pack Indulgence

Lavazza Mocha

The perfect balance of chocolate and coffee, with Prontissimo Espresso soluble coffee, microground coffee beans, skimmed milk powder and cocoa powder for a velvety Mocha.
Origin: Brazil | Roasting: Medium
Aroma: Sweet, chocolatey, roasted notes

Single Pack Indulgence

Flat White

A stronger, bolder coffee made with a blend of soluble coffee, microground coffee beans and skimmed milk powder for a strong flat white.
Origin: Brazil | Roasting: Dark
Aroma: Roasted, bitter notes

Fabulous Froths

Real Milk Froth

100% dried skimmed milk, locally sourced in the UK. The most tasty and simple way to top your FLAVIA drinks from Lattes to Cappuccinos.


Cadbury Hot Chocolate

Enjoy the warming, comforting and uplifting indulgence of a Cadbury Hot Chocolate drink.

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