World Cup Russia Followed by Tea and Coffee World Cup in the UK.

13 June 2018

The four-year wait is almost over with the 2018 Football World Cup about to kick off in Russia.
32 teams will be vying for the famous gold trophy and I predict a final between one of the world’s greatest coffee producers and one of the greatest coffee consumers. Yep along with many others Brazil versus Germany is the most likely final outcome. Not much chance for England apparently!

Once that is all over for another four years at least here in the UK we can look forward to a Tea and Coffee World Cup in Birmingham between the 3rd and 5th September at the NEC Birmingham. I’m old enough to remember watching the 1966 World Cup Final on TV and the excitement stays with me. However, I have to admit I will likely find a top-notch cup of coffee far more enjoyable now than a lot of the bland international football served up recently.

What ever you taste in tea, coffee or football the next 3 months should have a World Cup to suit just about everyone.

Written by Colin from KSV.

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