Why a Hot Cup of Tea can help you stay Cool in the Hot Weather.

24 July 2019

As a regular tea drinker, I tend to consume several cups a day irrespective of it being summer or winter. In fact, yesterday with the rural Sussex temperature over 30˚ centigrade it was noticeable to me just how refreshing the mid-afternoon cuppa was, and as ever, that got me thinking for this week’s blog!!

Look at India, where 30˚ C would in peak summer feel on the mild side of things and their overall year average temperature is well above the UK, tea has for hundreds of years been one of their most popular refreshments. Hot drinks in hot weather doesn’t immediately make sense when you are dreaming of a traditional British summer ice cream or fizzy drink with ice. Some recent studies though indicate a hot drink can be very effective at cooling you down in really hot weather. The human body regulates its core temperature by sweating, and the introduction of a hot drink internally raises your core temperature for a short period which triggers more sweat most of which evaporates to atmosphere and producing a cooling effect via your skin.

In hot weather the typical British clothing response is to go for white clothing often tight or close fitting such as tee shirts, summer dresses and lighter coloured normal fit trousers. Take a look at many really hot countries and black, very baggy or loose-fitting clothes are often worn. Black material absorbs the heat a body gives off, whilst white or lighter colours reflects it back at the skin and very loose clothing gives lots of air space for sweat evaporation, rather than that rather unpleasant British necessity of pulling or peeling damp close fitting clothes away from sticky skin!!
Apologies for a sweaty blog, but enjoy your cup of tea!

Written by: Colin from KSV.

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