Water Cooler and Chiller Unit shortage due to Hot Weather!

27 July 2018

Some Water cooler models and Chiller units are out of stock with the manufactures, mostly due to the extreme hot weather we have been experiencing in the UK!

There has been exceptional demand recently from customers seeking to rehydrate and cool down. Which has led to some water cooler models, and chiller units becoming unavailable!

As usual in the UK we are unprepared for the extremes of weather! In the winter we all get stuck in the snow or run out of heating oil! Now in the recent hot spell, we are struggling to keep up with demand for water!

I know these are extreme conditions, but we really should be better prepared!

Here at KSV, we have experienced some issues with certain models, but we do have water coolers available for customers to order. So if you are in need of refreshing cold water, you know where to come.

No doubt this sunny weather will soon be a distant memory!

We of course have stock all year round, of some of the most popular hot drinks machines available. Including our best-selling Flavia Creation 500 model. You know… for the other 10 months of the year, when it is cold and raining!

Still… what would we have to talk about in the UK, if it were not for our weather!

Written By: Richard from KSV.

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