Twenty Years of ISO 9001 Certification for KSV Vending.

15 March 2018

The British Standards Institute (BSI) introduced the first UK standard for quality assurance way back in 1971. The standard was designated BS9000. The International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) was formed in 1947 following a meeting of delegates from 25 founding countries in London the previous year. Based in Geneva ISO now has 162 members and to date has published over 22,000 International standards across most aspects of technology and manufacturing.

The ISO 9001 Standard was first published in 1987, and ten years later KSV Vending achieved full certification for our Quality Management which has been maintained with regular Quality Audits ever since.

This week saw KSV Vending take a significant step toward meeting the very latest ISO 9001 2015 Standard that replaced ISO 9001 2008 from September this year. But customer service and commitment are about far more than independent Certification, although ISO 9001 ensures that the high standards KSV Vending set themselves are both monitored and recorded.

Written By: Colin from KSV.

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