Tomato soup for Flavia Machines.

11 November 2016

Seeds of Change Tomato Soup is coming to the UK in January 2017.

Made from organic tomatoes and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. New Tomato Soup is low on fat but big on taste, with just 52 calories per serving. Ideal for curing the January blues as a quick snack in-between meals, to help with the inevitable New Year diet!

Tomato Soup for Flavia, is being launched in the UK as a seasonal limited edition first run. Stocks are due to KSV week commencing the 23rd January 2017. As this will be a limited edition run, we are happy to take pre-launch orders, ready to be despatched to you as soon as they are in stock.

This product comes as a case with a total of 70 sachets, holding 5 smaller individual display boxes containing 14 Tomato Soup sachets per box. These small boxes are fully branded, and are designed to sit neatly on your drinks display merchandiser, or near your machine for ease of use.

List price per case will be ยฃ30.80, with a product order code: ST21

Please contact our customer service team, if you would like to pre-order this product.

Just Souper!

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