KSV Vending And The Ghost Of Nan Tuck

2 September 2016

Quite regularly when providing our business address details a comment is made about “Nan Tucks Lane” where we are located in Buxted.

Although the exact details are lost in the mists of time it appears that a little over two hundred years ago a Mrs Tuck murdered her husband by poisoning him in nearby Rotherfield. The crime was quickly discovered and “Nan” Tuck fled from home with possibly the local parish constable, as this was before the modern police existed, and local villagers in hot pursuit. For a number of days Nan Tuck avoided capture by hiding in hay ricks and moving cross country, until finally she was spotted and chased down what has now become known as Nan Tucks Lane here in Buxted, about ten miles from her home.

Running into a wooded area just off of the lane her pursuers were convinced they had here boxed in and could finally bring her before the local Justice of the Peace. However Nan Tuck had disappeared completely, vanished without trace and she was never seen again. Allegedly to this day patch of ground in the woodland close to where she was last spotted remains barren with nothing ever growing on it.

For years after some residents of Buxted claimed that they were haunted by the ghost of Nan Tuck, and the mystery of exactly what happened to her has never been solved. Nan Tuck may have disappeared years ago but KSV Vending is very much alive in Nan Tucks Lane today.

Written by: Colin from KSV.

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