The Blurred Memories of Easter and my First Vending Machine.

12 April 2019

It’s over ten years now since I wrote my first blog for our website, and trying to find topical, relevant, non-contentious and non-political content; (no mention of Brexit on here!) continues to be an enjoyable task every couple of weeks.

Right, so with Easter approaching albeit pretty late this year, I suddenly remembered the Easters of my childhood and my first contact with a vending machine!! Every year from about the age of six one of my aunties used to send, rather than an Easter egg, a toy chocolate vending machine containing mini bars of Cadbury’s milk chocolate and a couple of pennies to activate it. How many of you received the same I wonder?

I have another memory of a clever folded card box that held five or six small hollow chocolate eggs about the size Cadbury Crème Eggs with a little drawer you pulled out at the bottom to release them one at a time. I also recall the majority of larger eggs back in the 1960’s and 70’s were two loose halves with the sweets or chocolates in tucked the middle and held together by the foil wrapper. I am pretty certain the chocolate was about four times as thick as it is today and with little fingers took quite an effort to break them up.

For people of a certain age, follow the link here for a real trip down memory lane, with Easter egg s from the 1970’s.

Written by:  Colin from KSV

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