“Souper” News With The Upcoming Winter Period

27 October 2016

Once again this year elements of the MSM are predicting a severe winter for 2016/17 with all their favourite words and phrases included. We are apparently facing; “A total white out, mammoth blizzards, a Siberian winter, ”transport gridlock”, “food and power shortages”, “worse than ’63”, and even “killer storms”!

Well in anticipation that one year they may be right KSV Vending have increased their range of in-cup soups to enable us all to bunker down and keep warm with some old favourite and a few exciting new taste options. We have chicken, vegetable, oxtail and tomato soups, some with added croutons too! This year we have added a spicy minestrone soup, also a new chicken and noodle soup, or try curry and crouton or finally mushroom and crouton all ex stock, delivered to you next working day,……..weather permitting!!
Written by: Colin from KSV.

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