Sorry, Pink KitKats will not be in your KSV Vending Snack Machine, only available from Tesco!

12 April 2018

A few weeks back I blogged about a fourth generation of chocolate, following on from plain, milk and white chocolate. Barry Callebaut have developed a “Ruby” chocolate using specially selected beans to give a distinct pink/rose colour and a slight fruity berry flavour.

Callebaut made a small volume available to the Japanese market earlier this year for Nestlé to produce four finger pink KitKats in time for Valentines Day, and by all accounts this was a very successful debut for Ruby chocolate.

Now Nestlé are offering the same Ruby chocolate four finger sized KitKat from next week (16th April) exclusively from Tesco. My guess is they will sell out fast and it may well be some time before there are sufficient volumes of Ruby chocolate produced to enable to become a truly mainstream chocolate choice for everyone.

No point looking in your Snack Vending Machine, join the queue at Tesco next week!

Written by: Colin at KSV.

Ruby Pink KitKat Image
Ruby Pink KitKat
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