Pumpkin day or Halloween??

31 October 2018

Ever since the film ET captivated children back in 1982, (doesn’t that make you feel old, a mere 36years ago!) the celebration of Halloween has certainly become much more Americanised.

As a kid in the 60’s and 70’s pumpkins were never seen, Halloween was nothing compared with bonfire night and if anything was carved for a lantern it was a swede or large turnip. Today the American tradition of pumpkins for 31st October leaves us swamped with the ruddy things, not just on almost every door step but clearly the supermarkets and larger stores hugely over order with again this year masses of them looking for a home as late as this lunchtime.

Here we seem to only carve them for lanterns and dump the “innards” whereas our American cousins really go for it make a range of food and drink from the humble pumpkin. KSV Vending customers with the Flavia drinks system may be interested to know that on limited production runs a pumpkin spice sachet is produced just for this time of year only for the American market which apparently is very popular. No idea what it tastes like though. Pumpkin pie and other foodie treats are common in America for Halloween, whereas I know of no one who does any thing other than carve and door step them over here.

I listened to a wildlife expert on the radio earlier saying that pumpkin will be happily consumed by British wildlife and birds if you want to make good use of both the outer and the pulp and seeds once the day has passed.

For me I just look forward to handing out raw sprouts dipped in chocolate and nuts wrapped in old Ferrero Rocher wrappers to nuisance trick or treaters!

Written By: Colin from KSV.

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