Picking the Right Office Coffee Machine.

24 August 2018

Potential customers often struggle to pick the right office coffee machine. It is not unusual for someone to make an enquiry for one type of machine, only to establish in due course that another system would be better suited to their needs!

At KSV, our mission is to ensure that all customers are guided to the best refreshment solution to suit their requirements and budget. We see it much like a marriage, in respect that if both parties are not happy, it will inevitably end in divorce!

In today’s fast moving world, many people just fill out a form online and just ask for a price!
Unless we are sure that a customer is absolutely certain of which hot drinks machine they need, we try to avoid just quoting a price. We will endeavour to speak with the potential client to provide professional help and advice, to establish the most suitable and cost effective solution.

We are a coffee company on the internet, Not just an internet coffee company!

There are times when we will refer a customer to a different supplier, if we are unable to offer the equipment or service that we believe they really need. There are also times that we would even suggest they stick with a kettle or consider a domestic machine, if that really is the right option!

We have been advising new clients for over 30 years, and can say that no two customers’ requirements are exactly the same. There is no one size fits all answer! There is however normally a cost effective solution providing great quality hot drinks to suit almost every type and size of business.

Please do not choose an office coffee machine based on aesthetics or price alone! Seek advice from a supplier that has the experience and knowledge to guide you!

Written by: Richard from KSV.

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