Not Much Like Summer at KSV Vending!

6 June 2017

I know it’s only three weeks and the pessimists amongst will be announcing “the nights have started drawing in again now”!…… but I have to say driving in this morning with the wind howling and rain dashing against the windscreen it could easily have been mistaken for October rather than early summer.

Soaking wet running from the car to the office door and the temperature barely into double figures the “Seeds of Change” soup sample left on my desk a couple of weeks ago suddenly seemed very appealing. Popped into the Flavia Creation500 hot drinks machine here the organic soup sachet meant less than 30 seconds later I am holding a steaming cup of Tomato soup ready to warm me through.

Maybe Mars Drinks were ahead of the curve launching soup at this time of year, but here’s hoping the weather picks up again soon. If you are a Flavia customer and have not tried it yet ask for a Seeds of Change Organic Tomato Soup sample next time you contact us. It was surprisingly good, in fact “goodness from the ground up” as it says on the sachet.

Written by: Colin from KSV.

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