New Treats From Mars, Spoilt For Choice, But Sweet And Salty

23 June 2016

Fancy a change in you snack machine? Mars are introducing a number of new snack options that combine a sweet and salty taste in a single sachet. Trail mix products combine some or all of nuts seeds, berries, chocolate, savoury biscuit, salt and sugar and are now establishing a clear foothold with UK consumers which will only increase with these latest additions.

Fancy Galaxy with Golden Raisins, cranberries and cashew nuts? How about Bounty with pineapple, sultanas and raisins complementing the usual chocolate and coconut. Finally M&Mโ€™s with peanuts cranberries and raisins may be more to your taste. All will be available in 25gram, 99 calorie bags and could well prove a hit based on the popularity of this mix of tastes in the elsewhere in the world.

Having years ago in New Zealand been persuaded to try a peanut butter and jam premix on toast I donโ€™t think you will find me at the front of the snack machine queue for sweet and salty anytime soon!

Written by: Colin from KSV.

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