New KSV HTTPS Secure Website.

20 July 2018

Following general best online practice, advice and guidance, we have now migrated the KSV Website from HTTP to a more secure HTTPS version.

Customers and visitors alike can now enjoy a more secure browsing experience. Not that is was unsecure before! But as the web evolves, businesses must protect customers, keep pace and evolve in-line with best practice, to ensure a safe and enjoyable browsing experience for all visitors.

Change is always difficult and can be challenging!

We have taken every precaution to ensure a smooth migration to HTTPS. However as with all technical upgrades, unforeseen problems can arise! Please bear with us if you experience any problems with access to, or content on our site. Please make us aware of any problem or issues you may find, no matter how small!

We hope you all enjoy browsing our new safer website.

Written by: Richard from KSV.

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