So Much for Summer, Time for Seeds of Change!

10 August 2017

Good fun sitting in Gatwick North Terminal car park at gone midnight last night watching returning holidaymakers in shorts, vests and flip flops struggling in disbelief through wind, driving rain and an air temperature of just 10 degrees!

So after 5 hours sleep, the new day dawns just as cold and wet still and here I am, in peak summertime, wearing a jumper for the first time in months and seeking  out the ‘Seeds of Change’ Tomato soup to run through the office Flavia Creation 500. Sorry to offer a depressing Autumnal image in mid-August…. but who knows, by this time next month we could be in wall to wall BBQ and beer weather again.

So don’t wait for autumn all you Flavia users ask us for a ‘Seeds of Change’ Tomato soup sample pack if you haven’t tried it already.

Written by: Colin from KSV Vending

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