Mars Join the “TRECC” to Help Ivory Coast Education.

2 February 2018

Nine of the worlds leading chocolate and cocoa businesses has recently committed US$8.5million towards “TRECC”; Transforming Education in Cocoa Communities. Mars, Nestlé, Cadbury’s parent company Mondelēz and others recognise as major trading partners with Ivory Coast a relationship beyond the purely commercial is the right thing to have.

Based on a   2014 profile assessment 48% of men and 70% of women aged over 15 in the country are illiterate. 68% of Ivory Coast youths never finish primary education and over a third have simply never attended school at all!

In some areas school infrastructure has improved with charitable commitments providing classrooms and equipment. TRECC is concentrating on improving the number and quality of teachers and developing a better curriculum.

Next time you bite into a branded chocolate bar it may just taste a little “sweeter” knowing the producers are making constructive efforts to improve the cocoa growers lot.

Written by: Colin from KSV

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