Mars Drinks UK introduce New Flavia coffee pack designs.

13 September 2018

Same Great coffee, just New Flavia coffee pack designs with a contemporary look and feel.

Following on from recent design tweaks to the Flavia range of Tea sachets, this is a more radical change in design for the range of Alterra coffee sachets for use with the Flavia hot drinks machines.

The packs have a predominantly black and dark grey patterned background, with a different brightly coloured section near the top left hand corner, showing the product name and type of roast. The sachets also have a subtle matt finish to complete the new contemporary look and feel.

Change and design is always something that divides opinion! I for one am a fan, and like the new fresh look. However I am sure customers will soon come to recognise their favourite coffee in its new pack, or perhaps take the opportunity to try something new!

One thing is for sure however, even though the outside of the packs may have changed, inside the contents remain the same high quality fresh ground coffee, we know and love.

To save waste, Mars will only switch to the new design packs, as the old ones run out. Therefore the changes will be gradual as the new packs enter the supply chain over a period of time.

As always please remember to rotate your stock, and use up your older products first.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to contact a helpful member of the KSV team, during normal office hours.

Written by: KSV Customer Service Team.

Flavia Alterra Coffee Packs Image
Flavia Alterra Coffee Packs
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