Mars Drinks Single Serve Carbon Footprint Down 31%

29 September 2016

Without treading on anyone’s toes it is good to report on a big carbon footprint reduction by Mars Drinks in the USA.

A material rethink and redesign has resulted in a calculated 31% reduction in the carbon footprint generated in the production of Mars Drinks Freshpack individual sachets.

The key appears to be the removal of aluminium from the material process and a continued push to improve the “Recycle your Freshpacks” programme to divert used sachets from land fill to recycling.

A survey undertaken by WSP / Parsons Brinckerhoff using ISO 14044:2006 Life Cycle Assessment across the packaging and distribution process confirmed the 31% reduction.

No doubt what works for America will find its way to the UK and European markets in due course.

Written by: Colin from KSV.

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