Mars Are Introducing Cocoa Derived Flavanol Supplement to UK

17 February 2017

February 2017 will see Mars introduce a pill based flavanol supplement into the UK market under CocoaVia branding. There is a growing body of research and product development that indicates consumption of cocoa based flavanols does help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels with positive effects on conditions ranging from Alzheimer’s to type 2 Diabetes.

It has taken two decades of research from Mars Symbioscience, a centre funded by Mars Inc., to reach a point where it has created a process to extract cocoa flavanols effectively as they can be damaged by heat, humidity and exposure to oxygen in the atmosphere. Mars claim their proprietary “Cocoapro” process enables the flavanols to be gently preserved in their purest form.

Sales will be online only via Amazon and their own website.
Written by: Colin from KSV.

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