Mad Dogs and English Men….Souper News!!

7 July 2017

So here we are, just into July and it really does look like a decent British summer for a change.

Wimbledon with traditional strawberries and cream, Henley Regatta with jugs of Primm’s, and queues for the ice cream van are all part of the scene right now.

Here at KSV Vending??…well our soup sales are way up on last year! Even now with the air con on high and the sun beaming down, the new additions to our soup ranges continue to fly out the door. Admittedly for Flavia customers the ‘Seeds of Change’ Tomato soup is the first soup choice ever available for your Creation 400 or 500 but the level of re-order shows it is now a summer choice for many.

Also our recent additions to our in-cup range have prompted a surge in demand with Curry and Croutons being a regular choice. Spicy Minestrone with just a little extra “bite” is also a popular summer choice, whilst Chicken and Noodle and Mushroom and Crouton have also sold more now than last year.

Hey, just maybe soup is the English drink of choice if you go out in the midday sun!!

Written by: Colin

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