Look after your Liver with Coffee; There is Drinking and Drinking!

8 November 2019

Liver disease is on the increase in the UK and a common cause is excessive drinking. Or to be more precise drinking alcohol beyond the recognised consumption guidelines. Recent research on coffee however indicates it may reduce the risk of liver disease, so possibly after a heavy night out you could find coffee doesn’t just help with your hangover!

Researchers at Queens University Belfast looked at data from over half a million people, noting that three quarters of them were coffee drinkers. Hepatocellular carcinoma makes up nine tenths of liver cancers and the coffee drinkers in this study were shown to be 50% less likely to develop this form of the disease. Although researcher felt that coffee consumption alone was not as effective against liver disease as stopping the consumption of alcohol, not smoking and also maintaining a healthy weight, is was clear that there were real beneficial coffee drinking effects.

Maybe it’s the polyphenols in the coffee beans, or possibly the caffeine inducing this positive effect, however I still stick with the old-fashioned consumption advice of “most things in moderation”

Written by: Colin from KSV Vending

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