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8 June 2018

KSV Vending has been supplying Tate and Lyle sugar to customers for over 30 years, however 2018 will see the 140th anniversary of Tate and Lyle first opening their refinery for sugar on the banks of the River Thames at Silvertown. Today it represents almost the last large example of any riverside industry anywhere in East London. Where once thriving docks, warehousing and manufacturing stood we now see the Canary Wharf banking and commercial centre, London City Airport, Excel Exhibition Centre and lines of riverside housing.

So, amongst all this we have, still thriving, Europe’s largest sugar refinery with the capacity to refine 1.2 millions tonnes of sugar a year. All the Tate and Lyle sugars we offer are Fairtrade registered, in fact T&L were the first major brand back in 2008 to sign up with them, and today claims to be the largest contributor to the Fairtrade project.

Apart from the traditional granulated white and demerara sugar sticks we offer our customers T&L refine a white sugar especially for vending machines, that sits somewhere between castor sugar and granulated sugar in grain size giving a free-flowing quick dissolving product supplied to most of our in-cup customers.

Written by: Colin from KSV.

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