KSV Vending are back on the radio!

16 January 2012

Many people in East Sussex or West Sussex will have heard our radio ads over the past 15-20 years featuring our distinctive jingle “Make it KSV for your Coffee & Tea, Your local Vending experts” Many ads have been produced over this time but the jingle has remained constant.

Our first ad was played on air when the main Sussex commercial radio station was called Southern Sound; this later became Southern FM and is now known as Heart.

You may or may not! be pleased to know that you can hear our ads again on Heart. Some people love our jingle, some people hate it and others love to hate it! Whichever it is, if you listen to Heart in Sussex and Surrey you are bound to hear our ad and you can make your own mind up!

Regardless of the catchy but sometimes annoying jingle the message is clear, if you are looking for Vending Machines or Office Coffee Machines in Sussex or indeed throughout the UK, then KSV have a solution for all your vending requirements.

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