KSV Are Back On Heart Radio Again!

22 September 2016

For those of you living or working in Kent, Sussex and Surrey, that also listen to Heart Radio. May not have been able to fail to notice, that KSV are back on the air with the famous (some would say annoying!) but very catchy jingle “Make it KSV for your coffee and tea, your local vending experts”.

Love it, Hate it, or just Love to hate it! Most people remember it, and will sing you the jingle if the three letters KSV are mentioned.

We have made and aired dozens and dozens of ads over the many years of advertising on the Radio. From the early days, that those of a certain age may remember! On Southern Sound, Invicta Radio, and Radio Mercury. To more lately on Southern FM, which is now of course Heart Radio.

Ads of all different themes from, Big artist sound alike’s, including; Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, not to mention the Beatles! To comedy spins offs for TV and Film shows, including James Bond, Dick Tracy, XFiles, Big Brother, Blue Peter, Pugwash and Grandstand / Drinks Olympics, to name just a few! We of course also have the more business like ads, which simply point out how you can save Time, Mess and Money with a quality hot drinks machine from KSV. But by far the most famous and remembered part of any of our ads, is the jingle!

If you have heard our radio ads for years, and have always wondered just what we do! Why not visit www.ksv.co.uk  browse our website and see for yourself.

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