Hot Weather Advice… Keep Those Fluid Levels up!

20 July 2016

So finally summer arrives, and wow was that hot here in rural Sussex, with the direct sun temperature at the local golf course touching 40°C! Apart from all the usual advice about avoiding the mid-day sun and using high factor sun-screen, it is equally important to keep one’s fluid intake at a suitable level for these exceptional conditions.

Personally I am an avid tea drinker summer and winter, but at the height of the afternoon heat recently I found myself leaving the Creation 500 tea offering and drinking far more chilled and filtered water.

KSV Vending have a good selection of mains water direct chilled water coolers that are really cost effective to obtain and run meaning constant cold filtered water is available for your workplace to keep you fluid intake up.

Click on our water cooler section of the website for more information.

Written by: Colin from KSV.

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