Hot Soups for In-cup Vending Machines

18 November 2009

I just wanted to post a brief reminder for those of you who have In-Cup vending machines that now the weather has turned colder, KSV offer a wide range of warming Soups including, Tomato & Vegetable both with Croutons making them a more substantial snack plus the ever popular Chicken and Minestrone varieties to mention just a few.

Our range of In-cup soups are available to existing KSV customers and new clients alike and are suitable for most types of In Cup machines using the most popular 7oz cup size with a top diameter of 73mm.

Please call our team during office hours on 01825-732772 for further details or see the Vending Ingredients section of our website for more information on our full range of vending supplies available from KSV.

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