Have You Ever Gone Berserk for Herbal Tea?

20 February 2020

It’s 2020 and KSV Vending are happily promoting Herbal Teas and Infusions. Try our Lemon Herbal Tea for a fruity treat, or may be Peppermint Herbal for a refreshing change. Recently launched and proving popular are both a Lemongrass Hibiscus “Smart” tea promoting better brain power and a Lemon Peach “Immunity “tea supporting a healthy immune system. All these positive herbal tea and infusion options are available for the Flavia Drinks System from Lavazza Professional.

OK; forget 2020, let’s go back around a thousand years and consider a possible herbal tea enjoyed by Viking Warriors. Known as Berserkers, hence the term going “berserk” when someone in a rage loses complete control, these Viking fighters used a powerful hallucinogenic herbal tea prior to battle according to recent historical research. The ingredients included extracts from the plant ‘stinking henbane’ and this herbal infusion sent the Berserkers into an animalistic frenzy, with them biting their battle shields and stripping often completely naked to fight. Described as wild, aggressive and highly unpredictable this herbal infusion rendered them oblivious to pain or any moral qualms, likely howl like wild animals and be oblivious to risk or danger. Those who survived a battle were said to be left weak and feeble for days after the herbal infusion affect wore off.

No plans to add anything similar to the KSV Vending range so here’s to a peaceful weekend and keep your clothes on!

Written by: Colin from KSV.

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