Growing Old Is No Fun… But Caffeine May Just Make It More Bearable

24 February 2017

It is estimated that over 90% of all age related (no communicable) disease is associated with some form of chronic inflammation according to the Stanford Institute for Immunity, Transplantation and Infection. There have been many research papers published providing information on chronic inflammation potentially being involved in many cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, other forms of dementia as well as arthritis and cardiovascular disease.

Now a recent study published by Nature claims to provide proof that there are anti-inflammatory properties found in caffeine that measurably improve both the length and quality of life for many thanks to caffeine metabolites including Theobromine and Theophylline.

I have read pages of detailed results and assessments but in summary, moderate coffee consumption, (4 or 5 cups or 400mg of caffeine) daily clearly shows in large sample studies an improvement in alertness and hear health with a reduction in the risk of neurodegenerative disease.

So just for once something many of us find enjoyable has real beneficial side effects which is more than can be said for tobacco and most forms of alcohol.

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