A Fourth Choice for Chocolate Lovers on the Horizon!

6 March 2018

Most of us have a clear favourite between the Dark (plain) or milk chocolate options that dominate the UK confectionary market. Milk based products top the lists of our popular choices with Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, Galaxy, and a range of others making the running.

White chocolate was introduced by Nestlé in the 1930’s is made with predominately cocoa butter rather than the darker cocoa solids. Although the volumes sold are far smaller than for dark or milk chocolate it is a distinct third type of chocolate product.

Last year Barry Callebaut, one of the world’s leading cocoa processors launched a fourth distinct variation of chocolate with the introduction of Ruby chocolate. Although it is very early days with only small volumes currently available the intention is that major brands should be able to introduce Ruby chocolate versions of significant SKU’s during the next 12 to 18 months.

Ruby chocolate is produced from existing types of cocoa beans, with Barry Callebaut refuting some suggestions that there could be some genetic modification involved in the process. Careful selection of what they are calling ruby beans enables a “pinky /purple” coloured chocolate with noticeable berry flavours to be produced.

Nestlé, after being the first to launch white chocolate with “Milky Bar” as mentioned above seemed to be determined to be first to market with Ruby Chocolate. By teaming up with Barry Callebaut and securing a supply of this new type of cocoa Nestlé Japan earlier this year saw a very limited volume of Ruby Kit Kat bars introduced in time for Valentine’s Day.

Written by: Colin at KSV.

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