Four a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

6 September 2017

Over the past eight years or so I have lost track of how many varying health claims and counter claims I have blogged about covering mainly drinks available from our range of hot drink vending machines.

The Telegraph caught my eye last week with details on a ten year study over a significant number of people in Spain that clearly indicates coffee consumption had a positive effect on mortality rates.

To cut to the chase four cups of coffee could potentially slash the chance of early death was the Telegraph assessment. The extrapolated data showed a 64% lower death risk in four cups a day drinkers compared with those who consume no coffee at all! Drinking de-caffeinated coffee did not seem to influence the results indicating it is something other than the caffeine in coffee improving lifespan.

With 55 million cups of coffee consumed in the UK every day we are some way off of getting to โ€œfour a dayโ€. A quick convenient hot drinks machine from KSV Vending would help close that gap and could put years on your life!

Written by:ย  Colin from KSV.

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