Flying High? Keep a Lid on your Coffee and Maybe Save a Fortune!

17 September 2019

All our KSV Vending paper cups accept a neat push on, sip through lid for people on the move, and clumsy drinkers where ever they are preventing or reducing the mess from spilt drinks. Usually the worst scenario is few papers to dry out on your desk or a dry-cleaning bill if it spills in your lap.

However back in February a spilt coffee in the cockpit of a commercial airliner resulted in an emergency diversion to Shannon airport in Ireland. The Airbus A330 operated by Condor Airlines was en-route from Frankfurt to Cancun in Mexico when a cup of coffee belonging to the Captain was accidently knocked over from a small tray table soaking part of the control panels in in hot liquid followed by a burning smell and smoke in the cockpit.

The Air Accident Investigation Board found that the small coffee cup size used by Condor and the close proximity of the table to the controls contributed to the incident. With emergency flight diversions typically costing up to ยฃ80,000 the lack of cup holders and a decent lid made that one very expensive coffee!

Here at KSV Vending we have a great range of good-sized coffee cups, carrying trays, cup holders and tight-fitting lids; we may not be involved in flight diversions but our cup and lid combinations could save your desk!

Written By: Colin from KSV.

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