Flavia Wellbeing Drinks

21 August 2008

Not every one looks for a big caffeine boost during the day and the beauty of the Creation 400 drinks system From Flavia is you can enjoy a range of drinks which are caffeine free.

The Wellbeing range of Flavia drinks meets a rising trend towards alternatives to the traditional option of caffeine charged teas and coffees.

Try a Peppermint Cool made from pure mint leaves with nothing else at all added, giving a deliciously refreshing peppermint tea and its caffeine free.

Raspberry Spark an ideal alternative to coffee as a โ€˜perk me upโ€™ this Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba tea is again caffeine free with a delicious raspberry and lemon flavour.

Blueberry Balance includes Echinacea, reputed to boost ones immune system and again is a completely natural and caffeine free drink.

See the full Wellbeing range which also includes Japanese Green Tea, Rooibos, Lemon Calm and Green Tea with Jasmine in the Drinks Menu section of our Flavia Zone.

Remember the Flavia Creation 400 drinks system gives far more choice than a conventional vending machine with over 30 inspiring drinks in the range.

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