Frequently Asked Questions

Why not use this Frequently Asked Questions section of our Help Centre to get answers to the most commonly asked questions, from installation requirements for water and electricity, to error codes, troubleshooting, drinks information and more…If you have a question that is not answered here, do not hesitate to Contact Us or call us on 01825 732772 during office hours, to speak to one of our customer service team who will be happy to help.



Does the machine have a Power Save mode?

Yes! The Flavia Creation 400, 500, 600 and Barista models were designed to be energy efficient and have a Power Save mode which can be set to automatically put the machine into standby mode when it has not been used for a given period of time.

Can I Rent or Buy the Machines?

Machines can be rented or purchased from KSV. Low cost rentals are available form as little as £6.95 a week, call or Contact Us for full details.

How Much Does the Machine Cost?

You can rent the equipment from as little as £6.95 per week. Call us for purchase prices we can’t share on the Web!

Can I charge for drinks?

Yes you can, there is an optional pay pod / coin operation module for most models that enables drinks to be charged for. You can charge one price for standard drinks and a different price for two pack drinks like cappuccino if required.


Installation Requirements

Does the Machine need to be plumbed?

No the Flavia Creation 400, 500, 600 and Barista can either be connected to the mains water supply where available, or can be hand filled utilising the integral cold water reservoir or refill water tank.

Do you install the Machine or just deliver it?

At KSV we offer Free delivery and optional installation of the machine to your prepared site. We also provide full user instruction and training at the time of installation.

What power supply do I need?

The machine is supplied with a standard UK plug and mains lead which can be connected to a standard 13A plug socket, which must be located within 1.5 meters of the machine. Extension leads should not be used.


Troubleshooting / Error Codes


The Flavia Creation 400 is one of the most reliable machines available today, however sometimes things can go wrong! Most basic troubleshooting procedures are covered in the Flavia Creation 400 User Guide, which can be downloaded from our Brochure Download Zone. Please also see the Video Help section of our website.

What is Error Code 328 / 360 / 321?

These are Pack Jam related error codes, where a drinks sachet may have got stuck in the Handling Mech, this can normally be solved quickly and easily by following a few simple instructions that can be found on the Video Help section of our website.


Machine Care

How easy is it to keep the machine clean?

Due to the unique sealed Freshpacks used with this system, cleaning could not be any easier! There are no internal mixing bowls or pipes to clean, so generally all that is required is to keep the main surfaces of the machine clean. Full daily care instructions can be found in the Flavia Creation 400 User Guide.

Should I use Filtered Water?

Using filters and filtered water is essential to maintain not only the taste and appearance of drinks but also for the reliability, performance and service life of equipment by the reduction of scale. Both KSV and Lavazza Professional recommend that Brita water filters should be used with Flavia drinks machines. We offer the Brita Purity C filters for plumbed machines, and Brita filter jugs and replacement filters for hand fill machines, which are also ideal for topping up the machine water reservoir.



How good is the Tea?

Tea from most vending machines can be poor! However with the unique Freshpacks used with the Flavia system, some of the finest quality leaf teas are portion controlled and packed into individual sachets that act like a miniature tea pot to provide real leaf tea brewed directly into your cup.

Do you have Decaf options

Yes, for those that prefer their drinks caffeine free, there are options for both decaffeinated coffee and tea.

What other drink options are there in the range

In addition to the wide range of real leaf Teas and fresh ground Coffee’s, you will also find options for Cappuccinos, Lattes, Espresso, Mochas plus Herbal Infusions and Green Teas. See our Drinks Menu section for full details.

Important Please Read

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