Flavia Machine Options

The unique Flavia® drinks system was designed as a compact tabletop machine but is also available with various optional configurations to enable you to tailor it for your specific requirements.

As standard the Flavia Creation 400 ™ drinks machine is supplied as a Free Vend model but should you wish to charge for drinks then the optional Pay-Pod / Coin-Operation Module can be added. (The Flavia Pay-Pod can also be retro fitted if required.)

The full Flavia system is ideal for your reception, staff or retail sales areas and consists of the Flavia Creation 400 (with or without the pay-pod ) together with the matching base cabinet and Freshpack merchandiser display unit.

To display the Flavia Freshpacks and keep any ancillaries like milk pots and sugar sachets neat and tidy, you have the choice of either the 4, 5 or 6 column merchandisers which are designed to sit neatly next to the Flavia Creation 400 drink station.

The Flavia Base Cabinet is purpose built for the Flavia Creation 400. Available with or without the optional integral dispensers for paper cups, this unit not only looks great it is functional too as it doubles as a lockable storage cupboard for your Flavia products and has a built-in waste bin for litter and the used Freshpacks are automatically dispensed into the bin when your drink is made.

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