Fancy an Eight Finger Luxury Gourmet KitKat? That will be £14 please!

27 September 2019

Across the food and drink industry in recent years the choice, not just of products, but flavour and ingredient combinations has increased dramatically. A stroll down the alcoholic drink aisle displays a vast range of craft beers, multiple Gin and mixer combinations along with a cider selection many times that available just ten years ago. The crisp aisle; that as a kid would have offered just plain, cheese and onion or salt and vinegar now has just about every taste combination you could ever dream up! The more exotic the flavours the bigger the price tag in many instances.

Now we have Nestlé offering bespoke KitKats in the run up to Christmas. Known as KitKat Chocolatory and available to order at 30 John Lewis shops across the country and on-line from later in the year there are almost 1500 taste and ingredient combinations to choose from. Individually made to order the bespoke bars will have eight fingers rather than four and a price tag that can run as high as £14 each.

The core choice is from four different chocolate options; milk, dark, ruby or white. Loads of ingredients including salted caramel, shortbread, honeycomb, even rose petal help reach the multiple taste combinations. How about Zingtastic Gin and Tonic, or ‘Best of British’ to include Eaton Mess, Cherry Bakewell, Dandelion and Burdock or even Marmalade!

I can see this being a real success despite the price tag……or maybe because of it!!

Written By: Colin from KSV.

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