European vending statistics make interesting reading

12 March 2014

Latest figures produced by the European Vending Association give some insight into the vending machine market across the Continent. It is calculated that the total number of installed vending machines is a little over 3.7 million and that they collectively produced an annual turnover in excess of £9 billion.

It does appear that of the 30 plus countries included in the survey around 80% of all the vending equipment is concentrated into just six countries. Spain and Holland, France and Germany, Italy and, yes, the UK are the hot spots for vending with around 3 million vending machines installed.

Europe though is some way behind the most heavily ‘vended’ market, which is still Japan where it is estimated that there is one vending machine in place for every twenty three Japanese citizens. To reproduce that level of success across Europe the current 3.7million vending machines would need to increase to a little over 20 million. Clearly some growth to be had in this sector yet then!

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