Don’t Call Time On Tea Just Yet

11 August 2016

Tea bags sales are sinking fast with traditional black tea bag volumes falling over the past five years with a 14% reduction in the past two years alone. 2016 is anticipated to show a further 5% drop in sales to a little over ยฃ600million. The claim is itโ€™s all in the demographics where around a third of over 55โ€™s have at least 5 cups of tea a day but less than half of 16 to 34 years olds do the same.

Maybe with the vast choice of hot drinks on offer both when out with friends and family and for home consumption peoples tastes have just moved on. KSV Vending still supplies large volumes of traditional tea such as PG Tips in individual cups but also our sales of fruit, herbal and Earl Grey tea sachets have grown significantly in recent years. Lemon, Peppermint and Raspberry teas are a regular choice now, but falling well into the over 55 years category I still find a Flavia Creation 500 fresh brewed Yorkshire Tea with milk is as good as it gets!

Ask us about our wide range of tea, times not up for it just yet.

Written by: Colin at KSV.

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