In Cup Foil Fresh Hot Drinks, Quick, Convenient and Easy.

17 July 2018

Although KSV Vending have offered the convenience of individually foil sealed 7oz In Cup hot drinks for over 25 years their popularity shows no sign of diminishing. Despite the hot drinks market place changing beyond recognition during this time, the combination of top quality branded drinks, the freshness and hygiene of individually sealed cup contents and great value for money means the KSV foil fresh option remains very popular still. Pull the tabโ€ฆ Release the taste!

PG Tips tea, Gold Blend Coffee, Nescafe Cappuccino, quality soups plus indulgent Continental hot chocolate are among the choices available to you. Give us a call or check out the โ€œIn-Cupโ€ section of our website to see the range of Foil Fresh and In-Cup hot drinks machines available from KSV.

Written by: Colin from KSV Vending.

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