Compostable Coffee Cup from KSV Vending.

19 June 2019

Earlier this year KSV Vending completed the changeover from plastic drinks stirrers to our current wooden biodegradable version. The KSV stirrer is actually produced from Bamboo a fast-growing natural source of renewable raw material and provides the ideal disposable solution. Unlike plastics that potentially take hundreds of years to break down, a bamboo stirrer, even if carelessly disposed of will readily decompose.

Paper hot drinks cups have been produced with a fine plastic coating to the inside faces to make them leakproof for many years now, although they have until recently had to join the general waste stream for either incineration or landfill disposal. For large volumes of these cups it is possible to access to a designated collection service linked to a specialist treatment process that separates the two component parts and reuses them.

The ultimate goal for all the major producers is to come up with a paper cup that is as easy for us all to recycle as waste paper and cardboard. They are not there yet; but there is a viable “stepping stone” option we are pleased to now offer our customers.

Our “Planet” branded paper cups are available in both 8/9oz and 12oz sizes, and have a natural corn starch-based lining rather than the usual oil-based plastic one making them biodegradable and suitable for composting. Although mainly promoted for commercial composting as part of an established green waste stream these cups will also biodegrade within a domestic composting process.

Contact us on 01825732772 to obtain full details on this environmentally positive addition to our range.

Written by: Colin at KSV.

Planet Compostable Coffee Cup Image
Planet Compostable Coffee Cup


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