Colder Weather and a Super Selection of In-Cup Soup.

5 December 2017

So finally a bit of bite in the weather as it turns cold for the first time this winter. Deciding on an In-Cup soup rather than coffee this morning I had forgotten how spoilt for choice our customers with In-Cup Machines are!!

We now have traditional Chicken soup in stock, plus also Vegetable with croutons, Tomato with croutons, Oxtail, Mushroom with croutons and traditional beefy Bovril. Fancy a change? Then we now stock Curry and crouton, Chicken with noodles and a very popular spicy Minestrone soup too.

By popular demand we sell mixed cases with a choice of three or four differs in each, and I had forgotten, just how warming a simple cup of soup can be.

Give us a call for further details โ€ฆbefore we all get snowed in for Christmas!

Written by:ย  Colin at KSV.

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