Cannabis Oil? I’ll drink to that!

4 July 2018

The past few weeks in the UK media has seen the medical benefits of using cannabis to treat some childhood epilepsy and other distressing conditions being publicised to the extent that a real debate on the pros and cons of the drug in our society may finally be underway. Many countries around the world allow the use of cannabis-based drugs and oils to ease the suffering and symptoms of a range of ailments.

It seems strange to me that it has taken so long to recognise the clear benefits cannabis can bring to improving the quality of life for many with the apparent stigma that it is an “illegal recreational drug” holding back acceptance of its controlled medical use for patients in the UK. Israel for example has used cannabis in medicine since the early 1990’s with many positive results and is now a significant exporter of the drug.

Across the pond in California 2018 saw the legalising of cannabis as a recreational drug for all as well as its established medical use. Now I have spotted that a Heineken owned drinks company there are introducing a range of cannabis infused soft drinks. “Hi-Fi Hops” will be available in two versions with one including the CBD cannabis substance that produces the intoxicating effects of the drug.

It seems senseless to me that whilst parts of the First World have an open cannabis policy with no breakdown in society, rampant crime or violence as a result, the UK struggles to come to terms with even the medical benefits, let alone considering how much drug related crime could disappear if cannabis was legalised for recreational enjoyment controlled and regulated like alcohol and tobacco.

Either way the speed at which major change happens over here based on the other news last week about the convolutions of the yes/no to a third runway at Heathrow that has dragged on for years, don’t expect a Californian style cannabis soft drink in your KSV Vending snack machine anytime soon!

Written by: Colin from KSV.

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