Cadbury’s move into the Milky Darkness with New Cadbury Darkmilk.

31 August 2018

I’m not sure about your taste in chocolate bars, but I tend to go through phases of buying plain or dark chocolate, usually in the summer and revert to milk chocolate through the winter months. I guess it must be down to the mix of food consumed with sweeter Dairy Milk complementing a typically more savoury diet through the darker months.

Maybe with the latest offering from Cadbury’s I will stick to the same chocolate bar all year round as they launch Cadbury’s “Darkmilk” into the UK market. This new bar has double the cocoa content at 40% to that found in the classic Dairy Milk bars, giving a rich and creamy taste experience based on information released by Mondelez, the Cadbury parent company.

Recently Cadbury also announced plans to introduce a reduced sugar content version of Dairy Milk that will become available to Uk consumers during 2019, with 30% less sugar than the current product. Spoilt for choice, you will likely find Cadbury’s Darkmilk in a KSV snack vending machine very soon now but there will be just a little wait for the low sugar Dairy Milk bars.

Written By: Colin from KSV.

Cadbury Darkmilk Bar Image
New Cadbury Darkmilk
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