Brexit reality, time to move on.

12 July 2016

However you voted in the EU Referendum a couple of weeks back, we are where we are and it’s time to just get on with life! We have a new PM from Wednesday and with a clear commitment to push on with negotiating the best possible deal with our European friends, and other countries in the Commonwealth and around the world queuing up to agree trade deals with us already a positive picture is starting to emerge.

I certainly won’t be using my work blog to push any particular political agenda but after months of the Government and big business warning of everything bar a plague of frogs would descend on us with a “leave” vote suddenly things don’t look so bleak. No emergency budget from the Chancellor, no stock market crash, and major businessmen interviewed at the Farnborough air show this week have moved, post referendum, from doom and gloom,  to talking  about a great exporting future for the UK. Yes the pound has dipped in value, which may make your holiday spending a tad harder, but just watch our exports increase and our trade deficit reduce.

We can all play our part in helping the UK thrive as an independent nation, the period of uncertainty is over, and we know the future for us is outside the EU.  We have great trading opportunities now worldwide, so let’s all play our part, both in business and as consumers by pushing on with optimism, whether you were a “stay” or “leave” voter the future is ours together. A new hot drinks machine from KSV Vending isn’t a bad post referendum investment either!!

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