Are you looking for Keurig Coffee Capsules or Machines in the UK?

30 October 2019

Following the news that Keurig were pulling out of the UK office coffee market back in 2017. It would now seem that even the group of companies that were independently importing Keurig into the UK, have now stopped doing so, or are struggling to maintain supply!

Customers who now have pretty much redundant equipment, have been asking โ€œIs there an alternative to Keurig coffee machines in the UK?โ€ The answer is yes!

For many years now Flavia have been the number one single serve, fresh brew hot drinks system in the UK. It is not hard to understand why! Flavia machines and drinks are manufactured by Lavazza Professional (Formerly Mars Drinks), who are dedicated to the office coffee sector.

The Flavia Creation 500 is the most popular model. Small in size but suitable and cost effective for as little as 3 users, however each machine is man enough to cater for up to 50 staff. With over 30 inspiring drinks to choose from there is something for everyone! Fresh ground coffees, real Leaf teas, including black, green and herbal varieties. Hot chocolate is also available along with espresso, cappuccino, latte and mocha.

The full range of drinks, machines and technical support are available from KSV, as a platinum partner and main distributor for Flavia products.

If you are looking to replace your Keurig machine, please browse the Flavia section of our website, or contact one of our helpful advisors during office hours, for help and guidance.

Written by: Peter from KSV.

Picture of Flavia 500, coffee beans and tea cup
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