A Storm In A Diplomatic Tea Cup

9 June 2016

Tea….it’s calming, refreshing and the (non-alcoholic) choice in times of stress or upset. “Calm down dear, come and have a nice cup of tea” was my old Grans answer to any of life’s hassles!

Over in Burma, still adjusting to democracy after decades of military rule, tea has ended up being the cause of a diplomatic row rather than a solution with the choice of tea for a State Dinner causing a bit of a stir!

Aye Ne Win, the grandson of a former military leader took umbrage at a decision to serve “mere” Lipton tea at a State Banquet for the Prime Minister of Singapore rather than a good quality Twining’s Earl Grey or even Fortnum and Mason’s Queen Anne, claiming it reflected badly on the worlds perception of his country, and linked the “poor” choice to Aung San Suu Kyi for so many years a campaigner against military rule and now Foreign Minister and the power behind the Presidency.

Not a lot wrong with Lipton tea in my opinion, with their lemon tea a popular choice with KSV Vending customers, and Britain’s favourite, PG Tips is packed as “Lipton” away from the UK in any event. So often it is not the choice of tea but how well it’s made that is the mark of a good cup of tea, and I have to say that for me currently a Yorkshire Tea selection brewed in the Flavia Creation 500 drinks machine really takes some beating, in fact I think it could possibly hold its own even at a State Banquet.

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